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How are your relationships with your partners different? Are any of them more important or more romantic? You seem to be really in to this new guy, is he taking priority?

Well, with Anna it’s pretty romantic. It’s hard to explain because we would probably never work out as a monogamous couple because our depression feeds off of the other and we get stuck in really negative ruts without other partners to pull us out. I can honestly see her marrying Jake and/or Chase, but it doesn’t quite work that way with her and me. We’re best friends and absolutely adore each other… it’s just complicated to convey exactly how it works.

Jake is bisexual and heteroromantic, so he’s really only called my boyfriend for ease of explanation’s sake. He and I are not in love. That would be weird. Again, he and I are best friends and have a very close emotional bond. We’re not just fuck buddies, but there’s no way in heck we’d marry each other.

I’ve known the two of them since I was a freshman in high school, so we have a pretty long history together. There’s a lot of trust built up over that time. The only reason I haven’t posted about them as much lately is because they are both in college at schools pretty far away from mine. Anna is an hour and a half away, and Jake is upwards of four hours away. I haven’t seen either of them for the last few weeks, compared to being attached at the hip for much of the summer. I miss them like crazy, but I want them each to do what’s best for them.

Ben and I are super new, so it’s not that he’s more or less important. It’s just all different. He lives in the same apartment complex as me, so we see each other every day and go to school events together. There’s a lot of things to consider as I venture into this. There’s trepidation because he’s recently out of a long relationship, hasn’t done poly before, etc etc. And yet, I really enjoy his company and have lots of lovely new relationship butterflies. Also, we haven’t even officially labeled it as anything yet. I just like spending time with him and being cute and gay and getting to know him.

Excuse the long post. I don’t think any of my relationships are inherently better or more important, though there are definitely different dynamics and levels of romantic energy. They’re all just different and I’m very glad to have so many wonderful people in my life!!!!


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"Some periods of our growth are so confusing that we don’t even recognize that growth is happening…Those long periods when something inside ourselves seems to be waiting, holding its breath, unsure about what the next step should be, eventually become the periods we wait for, for it is in those periods that we realize that we are being prepared for the next phase of our life and that, in all probability, a new level of the personality is about to be revealed."
Alice Walker (via lovequotesrus)

A stunning high res photo of Saturn’s Moon Enceladus
"The truth is that disabled people have sex and disabled people like sex. But they don’t have access to the same advice and support as their peers."
Jennie Williams via The Guardian (via plannedparenthood)
"#notallmen practice violence against women but #YesAllWomen live with the threat of male violence. Every. Single. Day. All over the world."
"Nobody ‘deserves’ to get an STD. An STD isn’t a punishment, and having an STD doesn’t mean you’re dirty — it means you’re human."

Kendall at Planned Parenthood

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